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John Philip “Phil” Vehorn
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John Philip “Phil” Vehorn was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina on February 26, 1954. He attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina where he received a Bachelor degree in Geochemistry, graduating in 1977. Phil has been a resident of Louisiana for over twenty - five years with residences in Slidell and the New Orleans French Quarter, where he is currently the President of the Royal Street Condo Association.

In 1986, after five short years in the chemical industry, he founded Southwest Engineers. Southwest Engineers is a major regional water treatment company with national and international sales. The scope of the operation includes divisions specializing in paper, automotive and paint, wood preservatives, refinery and processing chemicals, latex and emulsion preservatives, specialty chemicals and wastewater chemicals and services.

The corporation is known today as SWE, Inc. dba Southwest Engineers. SWE is a major force in the industrial water treatment marketplace and undoubtedly the most prolific growth company in this arena within the last twenty-five years.

Over the years, Mr. Vehorn has added many smaller water related companies under the umbrella of Vehorn Companies, Inc. and has expanded into other markets and arenas as well with:

During Mr. Vehorn’s industry tenure he initiated the concept of many shrewd business ideas. Practical yet helpful for the end customer, new concepts were implemented which included the development of concentrated professional grade products which reduced handling and freight charges and utilization of levelized guaranteed invoicing, rather than actual product usage. He initialized the concept of no cost, only shared savings of utility and operational monies rather than invoice customers for conventional cost arrangements.

Mr. Vehorn expanded into the highly technical businesses of preservation of consumer products and the application of polymers for process and municipal/industrial uses. Maintaining a respect for the most competent and loyal industry comrades, he recruited and believes greatly in those who are dedicated and his charity lies in the people and devoted teammates that follow as well as help lead. He implores other employers to take care of those that have given and were committed to the company growth.

Through dedication to business, successful management and excellent employee relations, Phil Vehorn has built a flourishing and prestigious enterprise. Vehorn Companies, Inc. along with SWE, Inc. and its subsidiaries produce sales in the 50 million dollar range with numerous offices and employees worldwide.

Phil Vehorn was voted Entrepreneur of the Year for 1995 and was the recipient of the Small Business Nominee for 1995 award. He is also a two time recipient of the Dexter/Mogul Man of the Year award.

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